Interbyte cover picture - mission


Interbyte is an independent, privately held, Belgian ICT company. The main domains in which we deliver our services are ICT infrastructure, cybersecurity, development and professional services. We deliver our services in a B2B model to a broad range of companies in the corporate and the SME market. We work with a range of clients in the industry, telecommunications, finance, healthcare and government sectors.


To increase your success and productivity through an integrated and effective portfolio of Information and Communication Technology solutions.

We maximise the value of your ICT solutions, through a seamless alignment with your needs. As your preferred ICT partner, we will work hand in hand with you to support your activities, because we believe that your growth results in our growth.

To achieve this goal we offer carefully selected products and a wide range of both standard and customer specific services. Our experienced employees have a strong and continuously evolving set of skills.

In everything we do we put our customer first. We strive for honesty, fairness, integrity and environmental awareness.

We embrace innovation and are strongly committed to invest in research and development of new products and services. We aim to deliver the right quality by making use of our industry's best practices. To support our activities, we establish strategic partnerships with suppliers, distributors and vendors safeguarding our independency in any case.

We are good citizens, treat our employees with dignity and fairness, and manage natural resources responsibly. We are passionately focused on business results and customer success.

The result is that we create value for our customers, our investors, our employees and our partners. Our satisfied customers vary from small SME's individuals to large multinationals.


Interbyte was founded in 1994 as a consultancy with its majority of activities in Server and PC management for large corporations. A few years later, messaging, networking, database development and maintenance, application development on the Windows platform and web development were added to the scope of activities.

In 1997 the need arose to handle the continuously expanding amount of projects in a structured and organized way, therefore, Interbyte decided to implement the project management guidelines as set out by PMI for our external projects. The Prince2 methodologies are used for the management of internal projects and for software development.

Covering all the layers of the OSI networking model, especially when it comes to TCP/IP, and the applications using it, Interbyte decided in 2001 to use this unique experience and practice to set up a new range of services, the managed services.

Interbyte launched the Interbyte E-mail Laundry in 2006. This service processes the E-mail of the customer, getting rid of all viruses, including zero days viruses and eliminating most of the unsolicited E-mail.

Since 2006, Interbyte is continuously innovating and extending its business portfolio. In 2015, Interbyte launched its own range of cloud solutions. One of our unique selling points is that we succeed in using the corporate best practices and methodologies for small and medium enterprises, which results in an unseen quality and efficiency.